Top Accessibility Testing Tools for Web Applications


By Raghav Vashishth

Top Accessibility Testing Tools for Web Applications

Web application accessibility is one of the most trending topics in the digital industry. Since it helps you get assured that the web applications are easily accessible to the people, a web app tested for accessibility could even help people with disabilities like hearing problems, blindness, or cognitive impairments to browse the web easily. 

In addition, the purpose of testing web accessibility is to assure users will be able to access the web content without any barriers. This type of testing often comes under usability testing and is essential to include in the Software Testing Life Cycle.   

And just when you are struggling with the web testing requirements and your search for Top Accessibility Testing Tools for Web Applications, our expert Web Testing Service Provider in India could help you select manual and automated accessibility testing tools that are easy to use and suitable for testing web or mobile applications.  

Other than this, if you want to improve the quality of your web app, you can simply talk to our experts at BugRaptors, we have range of Top software testing tools to boost your testing needs and numerous solutions for Website Security Testing, Mobile/Web Application Testing, Cross Browser Testing, Web Regression Testing, and many more.  

For now, let us quickly jump to our list of top accessibility testing tools that could help you drive your goals related to web applications.  

List of Top Accessibility Testing Tools for Web Applications :

JAWS (Job Access with Speech)  

JAWS (Job Access with Speech) is a computer screen reader program produced by the Blind and Low Vision Group of Freedom Scientific for customers who have lost their vision. With this computer screen reader, it becomes possible to help users read the screen by a refreshable Braille Display or with a text-to-speech output.   


  • Compatible with Firefox, IE (Internet Explorer), and Microsoft Office and offers Windows support with its touch screen gesture  

  • Includes two multi-lingual synthesizers, such as Eloquence & Vocalizer Expressive   

  • Ensures fast information access and saves your time using Skim Reading   

  • Includes drivers for braille display and provides Braille input from the braille keyboard  

  • Contains an OCR feature to access text & PDF documents & supports MathML contents of IE  

For More Info: Visit Official Website  


WAVE is a Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool used by the provider of Web Testing Services to help writers/authors make their web content more accessible to people with disabilities. With this suite of evaluation tools, one can easy to find various accessibility and WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guideline) errors and review human-based web content. Similarly, WAVE aims to help you discover those issues that can influence end-users. Also, it can make human evaluation easier and raise awareness about web accessibility.   


  • WAVE Chrome and Firefox extensions are available for testing accessibility directly without your web browser  

  • Suitable for checking highly dynamic pages & passwords.   

  • Assesses the accessibility of web content by annotating the web page copy  

  • Conduct accessibility evaluation on browsers without saving anything on servers  

  • It gives you the recommendation to resolve accessibility issues in the system   

  • Developed by WebAIM to assess the accessibility of web contents   

For More Info: Visit Official Website  


Dynomapper is another one of the top accessibility tools for your website applications and is preferred by the owner of Web Application Testing Services to test the accessibility of any private, public or online application. From organizing website projects using visual sitemaps, content audit, content inventory, daily website tracking to website accessibility testing, it has many more features to help you get one of the best website testing services experiences. Besides, it is ideal for website discovery, planning, and optimization.  


  • It helps you evaluate the HTML contents of the website and lets you create a sitemap for any URL  

  • It has content inventory and audit features to filter files, pages, images, etc.  

  • Comes with Advanced Crawler options to follow subdomains and arrange links  

  • Editing & customization feature is available for sitemaps using colors  

  • Generate sitemaps by importing XML files   

  • Scans your complete website for Section 508 compliance / WCAG  

  • Identify known flaws in the website’s design and content  

For More Info: Visit Official Website   

CKEditor 4/ Accessibility Checker   

If you are planning to Hire Web Testers to fix common accessibility issues, then you can ask the company to perform Website Accessibility Testing with an Accessibility Checker created in CKEditor to inspect the level of accessibility. Furthermore, it comes with an optimized user interface and can evaluate accessibility within three steps: Content Validation, Report Issues, and Fix the issue.   

In case, you don’t know the right strategy to follow? Let BugRaptors take off your burden related to web testing services. 

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  • Provides Accessibility Checking Engine for flexibility  

  • Issues are classified as Error, Warning, and Notice  

  • Includes Quick Fix feature to resolve common problems automatically and saves time  

  • Includes the Listening Mode feature to make manual-based changes as per requirements  

For More Info: Visit Official Website  


 When it comes to choosing a one-click user experience tool, sortSite comes to many users’ minds because it is extremely compatible with MAC, Windows, and OS X. Apart from this, it provides compatibility for Desktop Browsers, Mobile Browsers, and IE.  


  • Validates HTML, CSS, and XHMTL  

  • Checks for Script Errors and HTTP error codes  

  • Checks for French and English spellings and custom dictionary for words out of the box  

  • Examines website’s accessibility against Accessibility standards such as WCAG 1.0 85 checkpoints, WCAG 2.0 110 checkpoints, and Section 508 15 US 47 checkpoints  

For More Info: Visit Official Website  

EvalAccess 2.0 

EvalAccess 2.0 is one of the best tools for Website Testing Services and helps you evaluate web accessibility for Section 508 compliance as well WCAG 1.0. This tool is developed and designed by the University of Basque country in Span to help you know the status of your entire website.   


  • Suitable for the evaluation of an entire website as well as a single web page  

  • If you want to check multiple URLs, its paid subscription is also available.  

  • Offers almost three methods to evaluate web accessibility such as Single URL Evaluation, HTML Markup Evaluation & displays the final result in easy report format without an installation  

Cynthia Says   

 It is a free online solution to test web accessibility for WCAG 1.0 and Section 508 compliance. Moreover, it is easy to understand and lets you test individual pages on websites, and helps you get easy feedback in a reporting format.   


  • Traces the actual location of the element and helps you know where the test gets failed  

  • Offers full-featured solution for automated testing against web accessibility, other web governance standards, and monitoring purposes  

  • It currently checks the website for WCAG 1.0, but the updated version of WCAG 2.0 is not available yet.  

  • Displays the list of sectors with 508 guidelines and helps you understand the failure or pass rate of your website  

  • Simple to use like you enter the web address of the site to perform accessibility testing  

For more info: Visit Official Website  


There are numerous tools for web accessibility testing. Still, the Web Testing Service Provider in India suggests AChecker because this tool is open-source and designed by Inclusive Design Research Center, which was initially called Adaptive Technology Resource Center. All you need to enter a URL or by uploading HTML before evaluating the accessibility of your web application.   


  • Comes with several accessibility guidelines, such as WCAG 2.0, WCAG 1.0, HTML Validator, Section 508, BITV 1.0, Stanca Act  

  • Easy to download and install.   

  • Also, you can use it online.  

  • Allows you to select report format based on your requirements  

For more info: Visit Official Website  

 Accessibility Developer Tools by Google   

This Chrome Extension can help you add a sidebar to Chrome Developer tools and make it easy to complete the accessibility audit part. Using Accessibility Audit, you can find this option in the audit tab and run it.   


  • Includes sidebar pane to inspect elements of web page  

  • Includes new audit rules due to the updated version of its extension  

  • Enhances logical representations for clear link text, etc.   


Choosing the best accessibility tool is painful when you decide to research by itself. However, to help you find various Accessibility Tools for Web Application Testing Services, above we have mentioned some of them that you can check to know whether your system is easily accessible by everyone, especially people with physical disabilities.  

Based on your reading, you can choose any accessibility tool to meet your website needs. However, if you want to improve the quality of your web application and consider a dedicated team of testers for Accessibility Testing or any Web Testing Service, you can handshake with BugRaptors. We are the #1 Software Testing Company in India and offer our web testing services to multiple industry verticals from Healthcare, Retail & Commerce, Energy & Utilities, Banking, Education, and many more.   

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Raghav Vashishth

Raghav is a Consultant QA associated at BugRaptors. He has diverse exposure in various projects and application testing with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of SDLC. He is having 7 plus years of hands-on experience with blue-chip companies like Hitachi, Vmware, and Kloves. He is well versed with API Testing, Manual testing, Mobile application testing, Web application testing and able to create effective documentation related to testing such as Test Plan, Test Cases, Test Report, etc.

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